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From deadstock to bestseller

Before I came in, the team had built up stock for a B2B project that hadn't materialized. Faced with a deadstock issue, I was tasked to find a solution and I identified an unmet need in retail: affordable general-purposed color-coded wipes for cleaning various surfaces while avoiding contamination. I did everything from positioning and pricing to packaging development, commercialization, and launch. It became the bestselling product in its category.

From push to pull

The brand was top-of-mind but familiarity needed to be strengthened to protect share. Competitors were also more aggressive in providing collaterals and other rewards for the dealers and installers. I redesigned everything from the campaigns down to the value chain model effectively allowing us to focus limited budget on the campaigns and make the sales enablement part self-sustaining. See more about our campaigns here.

From corporate to my own business

I co-founded TibayMix with some business partners. We built it from the ground up so I had a hand in product development, sourcing, manufacturing, finance, marketing, e-commerce, and everything in between. Learn more about TibayMix here.

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