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DIY space-saver Christmas tree

Updated: Jun 5, 2020

For less than PhP1K.🤩

I live in a small one-bedroom unit with my husband. With the limited space, we've learned to limit our large purchases to pieces that are functional or, at the very least, won't add clutter.

Christmas trees aren't exactly practical. But they're pretty and I'm sentimental and I wanted one to mark our first year as a new family with something that would make our place feel even more like a home.

We're only renting and had more available wall-space than floor-space so I thought it would be great if I could have a wall-mounted tree that wouldn't damage the walls. I found a video of someone who used something called Glue Dots to secure garlands to the wall. I don't think we have those in the Philippines figured I could use Command hooks instead.

Materials I bought:

2 packs of clear Command Hooks

(PhP209.75 ea at Ace Hardware)

1 pack of nylon string

(PhP 64.75 at Ace Hardware)

2 9ft garlands

(PhP225.00 ea at Mandaue Foam)

1 set of Christmas balls

(PhP110.00 for 12 at Mandaue Foam)

1 roll of Ribbon

(PhP 75.00 at Mandaue Foam)

Materials I had at home:

1 large Command Hook

Scotch scissors

3M masking tape

Measuring tape

I pretty much eye-balled how I wanted my tree to look using he 3M masking tape. The two sides are 4ft each and I angled them the way I wanted them before connecting them at the bottom.

I then put the heavy-duty Command Hook on the top of the triangle. This is the hook that carries most of the weight while the clear ones help shape the rest of the tree.

I removed the masking tape cleanly before beginning to secure the garlands.

I tied the first garland to the clear hooks along one side of the tree first.

I took the second garland and tied it to the hooks on the other side.

Then I folded the ends in to fill he spaces, tying them to the hooks along the way.

Hang up the balls and ribbon and voila!

Might just keep this up forever.❤

#Christmastree #wallmounted #spacesaver #smallspace #DIY

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