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Changing my Civil Status in the Philippines

Updated: Jun 21, 2020

My husband and I are Filipino citizens and we were married in Los Angeles, California. It took a few months to submit the report of marriage through the Philippine Consulate in LA and get an official PSA copy of our marriage certificate so I'm just getting getting around to changing my name and civil status. Here are the forms and requirements I've gathered so far. I'll be updating this as I go along.

Driver's License

  • Properly Accomplished Application for Driver’s License

  • Current or Expired License

  • Electronically transmitted medical certificate in LTO prescribed form (present hard copy)

  • Original and one (1) photocopy of Marriage Contract. If marriage contract is not in English or Filipino, submit official English translation. If annulled, court orders or marriage contract with annotation. Certificate of No Marriage (CENOMAR), if applicable.


I paid PHP585 for the renewal, PHP75 for the penalty for late renewal (teehee), 100 for revision of records, and 67.63 for comp fee. I also had to pay 300 pesos for the medical certificate. Try the FTI office. Took me about an hour. Go early!


  • Duly filled-up E-4 form (originally signed)

  • Original Marriage Certificate

  • Photocopy of 2 valid IDs


I submitted this through our office HR.


  • Duly filled-up PMRF form (with your married name – originally signed)

  • Photocopy of marriage certificate


I submitted this through our office HR.


  • Duly filled-up MCIF (originally signed)

  • Photocopy of marriage certificate

  • Photocopy of 2 valid IDs


I submitted this through our office HR.


  • Duly filled-up BIR Form No. 1905

  • Marriage contract or court order (declaration of nullity of marrialge); and

  • Letter request for temporary use of old receipts/invoices (for business taxpayers) if applicable.


This requires personal appearance.

Here's a helpful step-by-step reference when filling up the form:

How to File BIR Form 1905 to Transfer RDO or Update Registration Information: A Step-by-Step Guide

My RDO didn't have TIN cards available when I went but they said they should be free so you might not need a BIR Form No. 0605.


  • Confirmed online appointment (2 copies, A4 size paper)

  • Accomplished application form

  • (A4 size paper)

  • Personal appearance (keep shoulders covered, don't wear heavy make-up)

  • Current passport

  • Photocopy of passport data page

  • Original marriage contract (I brought an original and a photocopy and they accepted the photocopy.)

  • Valid ID (I brought my license and a photocopy of it but they didn't ask to see either.)


Surprisingly, this only took me 15 mins at DFA Aseana in June 2020.

US Visa


Expiring in 2023

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